Mission Statement

We are a biblically based congregation, centered in the teaching and preaching of Jesus Christ, striving for spiritual excellence, a visible witness in the community, an example of God in our discipleship through stewardship and the giving of our talent, time, and tithes, for the work of this local church, and the universal church of Jesus Christ and its community.

Vision Statement


We serve in ministry to be a strong, spirited, studying, soul saving church!

Welcome Statement


We extend the powerful Love of Jesus to you no matter what your walk is in the vicissitudes of life. Whether you are hurt, broken, bruised, battered, single, married, divorced, uniquely different, in between young and old, this is God's Healing Sanctuary. We are all God's people and all in their mundane can experience the Love and Embrace of God! Welcome! St. John 6:37

Come and Meet Jesus!

New Faith Baptist Church of Christ
955 Oak St
Columbus, OH 43205

Phone: 614-258-9959



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