Greetings Beloved New Faith Church Family,


I speak Resurrection, Resuscitation, and Restoration power into each of your Lives! I would like to convey each of you are in my prayers by Name as we continue to navigate our way through this Pandemic Crisis of the Coronavirus/COVID-19. Also allow me to urge you to continue praying for our Nation, Families, Church, and all that have been directly/indirectly impacted by this dreadful conundrum. While these times are certainly intertwined between the choices of FLIGHT, FRIGHT or FIGHT, allow me to challenge you to be mindful not to cogitate for any considerable time, on Mary Magdalene's Post Resurrection question, “Where have you laid my Lord?” Don't dare be tempted to resolve to a disturbing, disconcerting, or disillusioned claim that Jesus is in some unknown locality buried in a borrowed tomb, and oblivious to our plight and mundane. In this very moment, Jesus is Alive and He is Walking with us through this crisis and countless individuals, don't even know it. Simply stated, He is still in control!


Undoubtedly, these times are challenging for us all and that should never be oversimplified. Being detached from the familiarity of our "normal routine", "whatever that routine is", presents trafficking in the unknown. Hence, it is imperative that  we remain grounded in Faith like never before, because we're served notice," to be sober, be vigilant, because our adversary the devil, like a roaring lion is seeking someone to devour". (1 Peter 5:8)


Moreover, parallel to this concern, I am appealing to each member to connect with our Bible Study and Sunday Preaching that we have posted on lieu of being present in the church as we practice Social-Distancing measures.


I would like to encourage and commend those within our Church Body that have prioritized living the Christian Life Style and remaining attached to the Lord Jesus Christ and to their local assembly called New Faith Baptist Church. There is widespread recognition, in many African American congregations, when we don't show up, neither do our finances show up. In this regard, I would like to express appreciation to our membership that honored God with their hearts, tithe, and commitment to remember the tithe belongs to God. (Lev 27:10).


Also, Special thanks to the cadre at New Faith that took initiative to bless us with our new financial services where you can now PAY ONLINE through on the Giving page, Cash APP or Check when you drop off your Tithes and Offering! You can also mail a check to the church if you prefer.


The trustee Ministry and I have vetted the Services, and they are a Safe and Secure way to contribute. Similarly, our Trustee Ministry is immediately informed your contribution was deposited in the designated account.


As you are aware while we are aspiring to keep all members safe outside of the church during this time, it is also Paramount  that we also purpose to keep all of us safe when we return to "inside the church  from maladies" with a NEW ROOF!!


This need is something that GOD requires as we make His Sacred Ground the CHURCH, "HOLY GROUND".

Please remember to invest at least what the Ministry Team has appealed to be an acceptable contribution in this regard.


When you return, We will assure, A CLEAN, SANITIZED WORSHIP Context, with A NEW ROOF consecrated to CLEANLINESS and GODLINESS!!


Thank you for your Prayers, Support and Love as we continue to trust God and be a Called and Dynamic Presence at New Faith Baptist Church.




Pastor For The Master

Rev., Dr. Jefferey P. Kee





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Choosing a $Cashtag automatically creates a shareable URL ($yourcashtag) where friends, family, and customers can make payments privately and securely.


The Cashtag for New Faith Baptist Church - $NFBCOC

The church website is


To send cash:

  1. Tap on the $ sign at the bottom of the app.
  2. Type in the amount to send
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Dear New Faith Family,

Greetings In the Magnanimous Name of Jesus!

Last night was an exuberant expression of your Faith for those who dared to connect for our "Conference Bible Study”. As we reflect in this Holy week with the impending Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, let’s be mindful of the Faithfulness of God. With panic, fear, and the enigma of the unknown on steroids, we must hold on to our Bible Study lesson from the Apostle John, in St John 14, which encapsulates in vs.1 "Let not your heart be troubled". With the Coronavirus plaguing everyone’s existence globally, we must have the recognition God is trying to tell us something. Covid-19, doesn't care about our religious affiliation, age, color, health, wealth, or what sociological context you reside in. It has violently invaded its way in with the lack of our awareness, and within 30 days, overwhelmingly many have been gripped by death.

Additionally, African Americans disproportionately have been ambushed by this threat, and dying as witnessed in Michigan, Louisiana, Milwaukee County... more-so than anyone else. Remember from our lesson, you don't have to be diagnosed with "heart trouble" to have a "troubled heart." More importantly, the central point in the message from the lips of Jesus is, "Remember, I’m Leaving You With Something"!

For the remainder of this Holy week ruminate on St. John 14:16 "And I will pray to the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever".

Praise God! We have a Comforter whose name is JESUS and He will always be Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient whenever we need him most AND He promised, never to leave us nor forsake us.


Sleep on It! Wake Up on It! Start your Day on It!

He's there for you, Even Right NOW!!!!

Pastor For The Master,

Rev. Dr. Jefferey P. Kee


Dear New Faith Family,


Greetings in the Majestic, Magnanimous and Miraculous name of Jesus.


I pray as I pen this missive that Life is soaring in your favor and that the Lord Jesus is demonstrating that He is yet in control while we are contending with this Global Pandemic Crisis, called Coronavirus "Covic-19." In this regard, I'm forwarding to you a framework of how we will stay connected and do ministry for the next four weeks until the Governor's Stay At Home order is lifted for the State of Ohio.


On this Sunday, April 5th, 2020, there will be designated persons to be present at Church from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for those that desire to bring their tithes & offerings to the Church. While present, you are welcome to exercise 6 ft. social distancing, pray at the altar, leave your written prayer request in the prayer box, have your individual communion directed by the Ministry Assistant, stay for a few minutes for your own meditation and depart exercising 6 ft. social distancing. We know we love each other, so please during this time, let’s assure we protect others and ourselves by not hugging, shaking hands or embracing. Therefore, I will be present but not as visible. We need to be committed to getting through this saga and not putting at risk one another's health.


Moreover, on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, 6:30 p.m., we will have a conference call to unite us in Bible Study where we can learn and interact with the lesson in powerful ways and build on being a greater organic New Faith Family. The Dial-in information is below. Please follow the prompts provided by the automated system.


Dial-in number:                (978 ) 990-5027

Access Code:                     174871# (Also known as PIN)


On Easter Sunday April 12, 2020 at Noon, we're petitioning all members to connect with us through a call number that will be given for our Message /Sermon entitled "God Is Still Doing Something New," St. Luke 24:30-32.

We will be staying connected so you are aware of opportunities to connect with weekly Teaching and Preaching through Conference Calls, Webinars, and other social media.


On another Christo-centric note, as we had planned, we are yet anticipating superlative and unusual blessings from God. God has been extraordinary in our lives and reciprocity or (giving back) is a part of our covenant relationship in expressing to God, "Thank You!” Hence, our appeal is for each member to pray and consecrate their hearts in contributing $1,000 to assure and secure a new roof for our church with a reputable warranty for the next 50 years. As an ardent supporter we cannot do this without you. Similarly, regardless of what is going on with the global economy on the national stage, in the Divine economy, God is yet purposing to navigate New Faith Baptist Church into the land of promise, and bestow upon us a Blessing that comes through faith and being a joint heir in the Kingdom Ministry. The Ministry and I will be accelerating the completion of the new roof, it's not an option, we have to execute rather expeditiously and prayerfully.


I want each of you to know, I Love You, profoundly appreciate you and praying incommensurable blessings your way.


If any of you are aware of any concerns that need to be brought to my attention regarding our Church Family, remember I'm your pastor and Intercessor Prayer covering and I'm here for your ecclesiastical advancement.


Pastor Jefferey P. Kee

Come and Meet Jesus!

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