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New Faith Baptist Church of Christ

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HOURS:    2-3 Hours / One to Two Sundays a month (Sunday morning 11:15 am – 2:15 pm)


New Faith Baptist Church of Christ is currently seeking an energetic and creative worship leader.  The ideal candidate will be one who is interesting in creating a diverse and inspirational worship experience.  This person should be able to sing Contemporary and Gospel music as well as traditional church hymns.  The ideal candidate will be available one to two Sundays a month.



  • Personal and daily testimony that reflects Jesus Christ
  • Show the love of Christ to the people you lead
  • Technically equipped to guide a congregation in worship
  • Skilled in traditional and contemporary worship styles



11:15 a.m. worship gathering on Sundays

Preparation to lead worship as necessary and appropriate



Depends on worship experience and skill level



Please send your resume to Or call the church and set up an appointment with the Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jefferey P. Kee. 




STATUS:   Part-time Hourly


HOURS:    2-3 Hours Weekly / $10-$15 Per Hour (based on experience)


General Purpose of Position:

To build young disciples for Christ by developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to youth ministry (in the areas of discipleship, worship and outreach) while serving as a spiritual leader and role model.


Organizational Relationship and Supervision:

The Youth Leader reports to the assigned minister for spiritual and ministry guidance.  



1.Be an advocate for youth and provide direction that shapes their world view of Jesus Christ.

2.Organize, plan, develop, and implement a balanced youth ministry in the areas of how to live the Christian lifestyle.

3.Mentor youth to live their life on purpose.

4.Motivate and give direction on how to use their gifts and talents.

5.Promote Christian devotion, self-identify in Christ and in their own personal development.

6.Create an environment for youth to matriculate from learners to leaders.

7.Ensure as youth continue to grow they understand that the church is their protective safe haven.


Qualifications and Aptitude:

1.Must embrace Christian doctrine and theology.

2.A bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred.

3.Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate and manage a youth ministry.

4.Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

5.Must posses a proven ability to work effectively with youth, diverse individuals, and the ministry team.


If interested, please send your resume to



Outreach Ministry Coordinator Job Description


Position Summary

The Outreach Ministry Coordinator role is a part-time, 3-4 hour a week position. The Outreach Ministry Coordinator reports to the assigned minister and is responsible for outreach and ministry recruitment. Incorporate church members into ministry after assessing where their gifts and passions are.  Responsible for placing members in a ministry.



The Outreach Ministry Coordinator’s primary responsibilities are to build strategic relationships, conduct a variety of outreach activities, and recruit and retain members of New Faith Baptist Church of Christ to participate in ministry and service in the community.


  1. Community outreach and volunteer recruitment
  1. Create and implement a ministry outreach plan
  2. Work with assigned minister to recruit church members for ministry 
  3. Recruit, retain and support members engaged in ministry
  4. Attend relevant community meetings in partnership with New Faith
  5. Establish relationships in ministries with collaborative partners
  6. Create, coordinate and implement volunteer recognition activities. These activities include:
  1. Annual ministry appreciation events
  2. Secure certificates and/or awards for special achievements and recognition


Qualifications & Competencies:

· Associates Degree. Bachelor’s Degree preferred and a minimum two years’

  experience in successful Ministry outreach and coordination

· Excellent public speaking and presentation skills

· Ability to connect with others and forge strong relationships

· Committed to the mission of serving

· Highly organized

· Ability to support, network and motivate



$12 to $15 Per Hour based on experience. 


If interested, please send your resume to

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